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Stage Door
Stage-Door - THEATRES
Playbills, contacts, media releases,
everything you need to know in one place for ALL the theatres in Ontario.
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Stamp Act - WORD TRAPS -
Aa delightful romp through solecisms, homonyms, prepositions.
What could be more fun? (and it has nothing to do with stamps!)
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Word Traps (is it crap, crape or crépe),
Prepositions (to be of, or not to be of), and
Punctuation (or comatose rules, period).

Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast

is no longer accepting guests - but for nostalgic reasons here it is.
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Roger Kershaw Custom Travel Design
Only the best. In association with TTI, an agency member of the Virtuoso network,
Roger Kershaw specializes in the finest custom, package
and business travel experiences worldwide - and beyond!

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Roger's airline photos here, and the
Lemon Drop Martini recipe you're looking for here!

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